First, read about John Steinbeck and find ten facts about his life. Write one or two paragraphs, using Microsoft Word, summarizing the life of John Steinbeck. Print your writing piece when you are finished.

Second, watch a video about the Great Depression. Find web-based photos that represent/capture this time period and make a collage using Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. Print your collage when it is complete.

Third, using Google images click on at least ten photos of migrant workers in the 1930’s in an effort to understand the life as a migrant worker during this time. This should evoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Make a list of words that describe migrant life and how they may have felt. Make a Wordle using these words. Print your Wordle when complete.

Last, read about Mental Retardation and generate ten questions and answers about this topic. Create a quiz or game using your questions and answers. You may use the computer or you may make it by hand. If you use the computer, print it or provide directions how to get to your online game or quiz.


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